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O.M.N.Y.E. YOUth Coaching Initiative


The O.M.N.Y.E. Initiative is created to provide a coaching program designed for our youth.

O.M.N.Y.E. (Open Minds Need Youth Expression) YOUth Coaching presents: "Hear Me Out!" The mission of "Hear Me Out" provides youth with a positive atmosphere to express themselves through poetry, dance, crafts, singing or any talent that allows them the opportunity to show who they are. Without anyone passing judgment while providing encouragement. This event is open to any youth ages 12-18 who would like to participate in a positive atmosphere.

We understand how difficult it may be for the youth to have self-expression and showcase ote talents besides sports and still feel like they'll make a difference in the world and how ultimately difficult it may be in the inner-city. Thr purpose of this program is to provide support to those who may not have a stable, healthy support system as so many young boys and girls struggle to find their place in this world.

The purpose of this event is to help the youth express what difficulties they may be experiencing at home or in school; making them aware of depression due to an unhealthy support system or battles of self-acceptance, the vision is to help capture the youth so the youth can achieve their dreams, and together each one reaches one.

O.M.N.Y.E. YOUth Coaching and "Hear Me Out" has been created address so many young chidren strugglingg to accept themselves. Those who battling mental illness and getting caught up in this world. Unfortunately, not only are youth suffering but it goes unnoticed to some parents.

We are losing our children to gun violence, drugs, and bullying. Parents, often do not know how to help their children, nor do they know how to talk to their children. The goal is to let the youth know that there is someone out there who cares and wants to help as well as provide coaching services for both the child and their parents.


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