Web Portal and Mobile App Initiative


Starting an ISO accompanied with an easy to use web portal and mobile app will kick start an organically growing vehicle that will support our movement. Today, almost everyone uses CashApp, PayPal, Vemno or some combination of them all.


This initiative will allow us to partner with graduating HBCU technology, marketing and business majors for building the app, company and marketing it.


The students that partner will be building their jobs and future jobs for others. Proceeds can help invigorate other initiatives and strengthen communities.


We will need team members to help bridge the connections to HBCU's and provide the best marketing that ever existed, "word of mouth", once the ISO launches. The tech gateway built from this initiative will help progress other tech related initiatives. For this initiative to work, we need to Recruit, Build, then strategically Launch


Becoming A Supporting Member Advances this Initiative






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