Ethel Cain Russell (MS)
National Director

Black Wall Street USA
Economic Development Council

BWSUSAEDC Spiritual Requirement:

This is a spiritual movement, therefore the tasks and duties of our family are spiritually based. Any attempt to do this work in our carnal nature will not work. What are those Spiritual markers: Spirit of God; Spirit of Wisdom; Spirit of Understanding; Spirit of Counsel; Spirit of Might; Spirit of Knowledge; Spirit of Fear & Reverence to God

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2017 Meeting Schedule
4th Day of each month - 6:00 pm CST

Saturday, November 4, 2017
Monday, December 4, 2017
Thursday, January 4, 2018
Sunday, February 4, 2018

2017 Economic Development Council Initiatives:

Black Wall Street District Implementation Initiative
Black Wall Street districts can be recognized as an urban area that is a thriving center of business, industry, and culture and is one commercial strip that has 50%-70% or more businesses owned by African Americans. This will enable local organizers and BWS district leaders to focus on what they are doing within their potential district. Leaders consider the people to be involved. District president's make sure the group is balanced and no special interests dominate.

Step One: The Right Spirit

Step Two: Recognizing a Black W all Street District

Step Three: Measurable Objectives

Step Four: Evaluation

Step Five: Capacity Analysis

Step Six: Feasibility Study

Step Seven: Legislation

Step Eight: Black Wall Street Business Proposal

How to Start A District
Download District Implementation

Government Contracting Initiative
Provide local sources for minority business owners to become educated and certified to do business with their local city, state and federal government. Facilitate opportunities to bid, partner and subcontract with other businesses in our districts for maximum exposure to be awarded long term contracts. Establish a process where awarded businesses have options to invest or fund other initiatives.

SBO - Initiative
SBO business marketplace is not just for Business owners. We want to every Black person who owns a business, service, organization, or talent to list it here on SBO. If you are an actor, we want you to list. If you are an artist, author, etc. we want you to list. If you have a book club or motorcycle club we want you to list. So let the world know about your talent or organization by using our platform. Economics - SBO is the most popular and affordable directory on the market. We give you more "Free" features than any other directory in the market. Our paid feature cost only a fraction of what other directories charge. Smart business owners take advantage of every opportunity to increase sales with minimum customer acquisition costs.

The Promised Land National Initiative
This will be the home of the first community that Promised Land Ranch will build in partnership with Black Wall Street USA, the people and supporters. We are building on a 136 acre plot of land in the South, allocating 50 acres to home construction, businesses, business centers, grocery stores, Holocaust Museum, a state of the art learning facility for kids and young adults. The vision of this is dancing before us day and night.

P.O.P. Movement National Initiative
Has developed a Network Business Alliance Umbrella that seeks to help all families. Its network of business partners have developed a new eco-system that provide a pathway out of poverty for millions. This support alliance umbrella serves to increase the total strength of our collective strength to: Create jobs, improve education, create more businesses opportunities, rebuild and restore impoverished communities, Maximize the ability to grow wealth, develop programs that enhance health and develop programs that enhance health protection for millions of Americans lacking skills. This national initiative covers broad education for the segment with disabilities or criminal backgrounds, including felonies. The ultimate goal is to create a minimum of 1 million jobs within the next 2 years.

Global Greenology National Initiative
A global manufacturing and design company specializing in environmentally friendly building solutions. If you can design it, you can build it with Global Greenology products. The initiative is to prevent pollution, market the best preferred Green Products and to Recycle. The effort utilizes 100% of recyclables processes to bring to the market the best preferred green products. This national initiative will educate state, city and local government, commercial and residential customers on finish Green products and the importance of recycling so that the home of tomorrow can be built to be energy efficient and sustainable.

W.A.W.G. National Initiative
Achieve the goal of $100,000,000 in buying power to build black owned businesses in multiple cities and states. Now searching for small business owners, designers, retail stores, restaurant owners, etc. who would like to have their business located in the Black Owned shopping centers that we are building across the USA.

Building a Classroom Environment Respecting Diversity Initiative
Our classrooms should help to build a positive self-image in our students. These types of environments help children gain positive ideas about themselves and helps introduce students of all colors to the understanding that all children are valuable and diversity is important. We know that it can be difficult to find materials that positively reflect students of color in a non-stereotypical way. Our objective is to EMPOWER our children with our positive imagery, EMBOLDEN their self-esteem, EMBRACE their hidden potential and ENRICH the fertility of their minds!!! Create Inspiring and Influential Images that kids can Identify themselves in and visualize their greater selves.

BWS Investment Clubs of America National Initiative
The core mission is to bring about a rebirth, a new approach to black business and reconnecting us with our historic stability to communicate our future. The fundamental essence of this approach has been to focus on the core elements of our social consciousness and awareness, being entertainment, culture, community and economics. People of color represent an estimated 75% of the world population, of which the majority is Black and Latino, yet the disparity of the economic indicators is alarming. Black economic development will require immediate and long term community action, leadership and outside-the-box solutions.

Kola Nut National Initiative
The Kola Nut Collaborative is a timebank recently formed in southeast Chicago to weave together individuals, neighborhoods and organizations in a network of reciprocal service exchange. As a community development tool, timebanking holds tremendous collaborative promise as an incentive towards participation in prosocial activities within a community. By offering a cashless incentive which members can readily trade on the network for other useful services, we reward those participants who are already performing beneficial work in formations such as block clubs or neighborhood associations and incentivize those who may not have participated in the past to become involved. Timebanking enables individuals to decrease the financial pressure on themselves by offering them a network of neighbors who can provide services while offering that network an opportunity to be of assistance to someone else. Inside the timebank, time is traded as the currency. Our mission is to promote and sustain a robust timebanking infrastructure which supports these non-monetary transactions amongst individuals and organizations allowing a greater sum of the realized value of work to be retained and shared within local communities. Our vision is to make social infrastructure visible within our communities. Social infrastructure describes the invisible bonds and relationships which constitute a generative capital that can be accumulated and circulated through timebanking.

Black Economic System National Initiative
A simple group business based on web-sites and group economic sharing system. Sometimes referred to as the Black Lotto, or Money Gifting and even Group funded stimulus. With this site based business each member is a client and each client is a member operator. The clients will enter into a agreement with one another to profit together and build our economic power.

BWSUSAEDC Programs and services
BWSUSAEDC provides professional development services, offering courses each year in Black Wall Street district's in 30 states, educating its network of 1,200 Certified Economic Developers (CEcDs) and other practitioners, and certifying Economic Development Organizations (EDOs). BWSUSAEDC serves as a voice for the profession on issues such as:

- Workforce development

- Infrastructure and business finance

- Business marketing, attraction, expansion & retention

- Community development

- Industrial rehabilitation and location

- International trade

- Tourism development

- Professional training

BWSUSAEDC training courses include:

- Business Retention & Expansion

- Economic Development Credit Analysis

- Economic Development Finance Programs

- Economic Development Marketing & Attraction

- Economic Development Strategic Planning

- Entrepreneurial Development Strategies

- Introduction to Economic Development

- Managing Economic Development Organizations

- Neighborhood Development Strategies

- Real Estate Development & Reuse

- Small Business Development Strategies

- Technology-Led Economic Development

- Workforce Development




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