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Outreach Reentry Ministry Initiative


Preparation, Transition and Stablization

Outreach Reentry Ministry, Inc. provides services to prisoners, ex-offenders and their family members. Our programs provide support to those applicants for the development and implementation of comprehensive and collaborative reentry strategies specifically designed to increase public safety by reducing recidivism.


Outreach Reentry Ministry, Inc. provides reentry services to individuals leaving incarceration (with a focus on individuals identified as being at medium to high risk to recidivism) including AA/NA programs, anger management, support for housing, education, employment and family relationships as well as and mental health treatment linkages, and therapy that addresses criminal thinking patterns.




Beginning 6 to 12 months prior to release, volunteers focus on equipping the prisoners with skills, education, and resources needed to make a successful transition to the outside world.




When the ex-prisoner leaves the prison gates, reentry volunteers make sure he or she has safe housing, food, clothing, and many other key supports. During the early days of release, most ex-prisoners need daily encouragement and assistance until the initial crisis-levels needed are resolved. Then they need continued weekly contact, spiritual guidance, and emotional support for 6 to 24 months as they find employment, begin to rebuild relationships, and adapt to their new life outside of prison.




Volunteers continue to disciple and assist the ex-prisoner forward establishing consistent personal habits, healthy relationships, spiritual growth, and church commitment. One very important sign of stabilization is when the ex-prisoner become involved in serving others in the community instead of expecting to be served. This phase is an ongoing aftercare process.




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