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African American Cultural Union Initiative


African American Cultural Union will be financed by monthly union dues of $5/$10. This will create annual wealth of over $1.9 billion. The union dues will be used to create the employment and hands-on training classes necessary for our members to start working with our engineers and community leaders for the redevelopment of our communities.


This will start with Communication and Community Development training classes for our much needed lessons in the laws of the land, proper communication and representation of self, how to and what it means to invest, how money works in this land, how investing in one's own community and self, literally saves lives, communities and culture, for generations to come.


Classes, employment and training will then continue with rehabbing our neighborhood buildings into new educational and family academic sites, social safe-havens for all members, improving the look and handling of our current businesses, redeveloping the face of our residential living, creating a cleaning system that keeps our streets and grass areas safe and desirable, creating a security system that protects our members and teaches proper defense classes for all, utilizing the grass areas and residential backyards to collectively grow vegetable gardens for our local grocers. These gardens will be maintained by our much older elders along with our youth.


We will have our banks to refinance our loans and mortgages, so our land, profits and wealth will be handled through our communities. Our banks will create programs that eliminate bad credit history, and develop investing incentives. These incentives will help our businesses expand and keep their doors open for our young inquisitive minds.


Annual incentive checks will be given to members based on a percentage of what they spend while patronizing our communities establishments, locally and worldwide. Calculations for this percentage will be via membership discount cards. Cards will be given after opening their membership accounts at our financial institutions and passing the initial Communication and Community Development classes.


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