Dual Citizenship Opportunities
Every Saturday @ 12 noon EST
(712) 451-0683

Hosted By: John Henderson, Associate Council Member, Black Wall Street African Council

Dual citizens have access the same set of opportunities in two countries. For example, as a dual citizen you will be allowed to vote in both countries. You are allowed to work in both countries, so you can choose the country with better wages or conditions. You will be allowed to own property and take advantage of two government services systems. You can choose where to go to school and pay a citizen's tuition.

Cultural Education

Having dual citizenship gives you the chance to educate others about the culture and people of two different countries. Governments may like dual citizenship because it helps to promote a country's image and culture abroad. If you have two passports, you may have more access to the world. For example, a typical American citizen cannot travel to South Africa without applying for a costly visa -- if that American citizen also held Ghanian citizenship, she could simply present her Ghanian passport at the time of travel and go to South Africa without a visa.

Sense of Belonging

Dual citizens may carry two passports and therefore feel reassured that they belong and are welcome in both countries. Though one country may be a homeland and the other a new home, dual citizens get to fully experience and embrace the ideals of both. Dual citizenship can strengthen loyalty -- both political and cultural -- to the second country by making dual citizens feel welcome and accepted.

Ease of Travel

If you are a dual citizen, you enjoy the protection of two governments. When traveling, you can appeal to one or both governments' embassies if you have problems. When asked for identification during international travels, you can supply the passport that is least likely to raise eyebrows or cause problems among officials. You can also travel to both countries as a native citizen, avoiding the lengthy airport queues and questioning about your purposes.

African Nations Accepting Dual Citizenship

They include Eygpt, Ghana, Kenya, Sierra Leone, and South Africa who requires permission.


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