Willie Simpson - Alabama
National Director

Vernon Key - Alabama
Vice National Director
Program Director

Denise Ragland - Tennessee

Saundra Smith - Louisiana
Assistant Administrator

Ronald Lee - Texas
Entrepreneurial Development

Micah Carter - Alabama
Jayreshena Cavalier - Texas
Homer Crittenden - Alabama
Corion Gray - Louisiana
Thomas Headen - Texas
Henderson Kelly - Tennessee
Laurence Littleton - Illinois
James Mason - Texas
Damon Taylor - Kentucky
James Windom - Louisiana

January 17, 2019
BWSUSAIRR Latest Update


1. Spiritual Truths
2. Life Skills
3. Health & Wellness
4. Housing
5. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
6. Education
7. Careers & Entrepreneurship

Spiritual Requirement
This is a Spiritual Movement, therefore the tasks and duties of our family are spiritually based. What are those Spiritual markers: Spirit of the Lord; Spirit of Wisdom; Spirit of Understanding; Spirit of Counsel; Spirit of Might; Spirit of Knowledge; Spirit of Fear & Reverence to God

BWSUSAIRR Next Meeting:
Monday, February 11, 2019
11th of each month
7 pm EST/4 pm PST

Contact BWSUSAIRR National Office

2018 Criminal Justice Reform Act 2007 Second Chance Act

BWSUSAIRR Recovery Weekly Open Forum
Every Thursday at 8pm EST
Conference#: 712.451.0683
Conference Code: 614060





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