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Initiative A

Holistic Health and Wellness Education Initiative
A DYNAMIC, MULTIDIMENSIONAL, FUNCTIONAL MODEL FOR HOLISTIC HEALTH. Educating about Spiritual Health, Mental Health, Physical Health, Emotional Health and Social Health. High levels of spiritual, emotional, and social health can positively impact physical and mental health outcomes, including a heightened enthusiasm for practicing positive health behaviors. The profession of health education, is in a position to more fully encourage and support a holistic health and wellness transition in the populations it serves. This requires efforts at both the individual and the national level.

Initiative B

Holistic Fitness & Wellness Initiative
Physical Activity To Improve Your Wellbeing. It covers how being active is important for our physical and mental health, and explores which sports or exercise may be best for you, how to overcome common barriers, potential risks and how to plan your routine safely. Providing information on fitness and wellness and to serve as a guide to design, implement, and evaluate a complete personal fitness and wellness program. Integrating the basic components of fitness and wellness in understanding human health in order to achieve well-being. Offering current information in the health field and provide self assessments for health risk and wellness behaviors. This includes lifestyle modification, nutrition, weight management, health risk reduction, exercise and aging, exercise related injury, exercise and the environment.

Initiative C

Holistic Nutrition
Eating for mind, body and soul. In today's fast-paced, high-demand world, we have become a culture focused on convenience and that includes how we eat. When hunger strikes, it's much easier to open a can, unwrap a package or pop a lid than it is to actually prepare a fresh meal. But according to holistic nutritionists, the cost of convenience is not so much the impact on your pocketbook, as it is the impact on your health. With the epidemic rise of obesity and diabetes, the link to your health and what you eat has taken center stage and many are looking to holistic nutrition as a way to not only feed their bodies but heal themselves as well. Holistic nutrition is all about eating healthy food as close to its natural state as possible for optimum health and wellbeing. Hallmarks of holistic nutrition include unrefined, unprocessed, organic and locally grown whole foods. It's an approach to eating that very consciously considers everything that's eaten and focuses on eating for health above all else. Holistic nutritionists believe that food is not only fuel, but medicine for the body. This famous quote; "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food," is a principle embraced and promoted by holistic nutritionists. By following a holistic nutrition plan, you may experience a number of health benefits, also holistic nutritionists believe that many chronic illnesses can be prevented or improved through diet, and promote the use of holistic nutrition to manage conditions.

Initiative D

Holistic Mental Health Optimal Living Initiative
Mental health well-being can be improved and developed using several different holistic methods. Holistic mental health approaches ensure that support and comfort are provided to the individual, their family and community. Physical illness and psychological symptoms are often caused by imbalances in the body. There are several causes to mental health conditions such as irritability, depression, anxiety, poor diet that can trigger an episode. Some of the symptoms of these diseases includes fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, and stressors that are often complexed by the consequences of mental illness. The use of holistic approaches to mental health care can be significantly helpful to mentally ill clients and their disease. Identifying holistic strategies that children, adolescents and adults can use to improve and maintain mental health.

Initiative E

Stress ManagementInitiative
Coping Mechanisms And The Constant Challenge. Learn the many ways of Stress-Management Techniques and coping mechanisms which are ways to manage external or internal stress that you adapted to or acted upon.

Initiative F

Women Holistic Health Initiative
When women come together, amazing things happen. A certain healing takes place as they hold loving space for one another, creating an environment of trust, love, compassion, complete openness, and permission to just be themselves. The aim of this initiative is to evaluate the effectiveness of a mind, body and spiritually based health promotion program in women aged 18-70. In particular the aim is to examine the effects of the program on the key outcome: physical activity; and secondary outcomes: self-efficacy, social support and personal barriers to physical activity. Also the effects on aspects of mental and spiritual health will be assessed. This targets African American women, a group previously shown to be at high risk of inactivity and associated health outcomes.

Initiative G

Men Holistic Health Initiative
The Way To Wellness This can be helped along by adding other healing modalities to the mix, especially ones that involve touch or physical experiences, such as massage, acupressure, healing baths and aromatherapy. Interaction and support from a loving friend and companion are also extremely valuable, establishing connections that will nourish body, mind and spirit with Vital Force and a sense of belonging. Exercise, for the many reasons mentioned, is extremely important and the key to maintaining an uncongested system in which chi flows smoothly. In general, to support adequate detoxification and vigor, the diet should be fairly simple, including many steamed vegetables, some whole grains, and high-quality protein from organic chicken and fatty fish (salmon, for example).

Initiative H

Children Holistic Health Initiative
For children with special health care needs, healthy eating may be more complicated and even more important. Also, being physically active may require more creativity for children with special needs or disabilities. Screen time is an important topic too as children may need to rely on a computer or television for part of their recreation due to the technical age we are in. Skipping meals or not getting enough of the right foods may affect medical status. Our goal is to share ideas and strategies that have worked for other families with children and youth with health care needs so you can adapt them for use with your own children and families. Wellness is about promoting well-being and preventing illness and injury. We want all children to live longer in good health, and we want to reduce the gap between the most and least healthy among them. But chronic diseases like heart disease, Type 2 diabetes and depression, are on the rise. More people are being diagnosed, and at younger ages. If this trend continues, more people will live, more years with a chronic disease than ever before. Some people are more at risk of developing a chronic disease than others. Rates of many chronic diseases are higher among people with lower income, education, and social status. The good news is that the majority of chronic diseases and about 50 percent of cancers can be prevented through a combination of physical activity, smoking-free living and environments, healthy eating, and avoidance of high risk drinking. New research suggests that effective stress management may also play a role in reducing chronic disease. Evidence shows that experiences and environments in childhood and adolescence influence health, development, learning and behaviour throughout life, and the risk of chronic disease in adulthood. We can take steps to reduce these influences and raise healthy, happy children who are successful in school, work, and life. To give every child the best start in life, we need to take into account the needs and circumstances of families that experience greater challenges and have fewer opportunities to improve their health - generally speaking, these are low income families, rural residents and First Nations people.

Initiative I

Seniors Holistic Health Initiative
A Holistic Approach For The Elderly The need for homecare might continue to increase as over the next decade as the elderly population is increasing and people are finding reasons to take care of their aged at home. As the location of care continues to move closer to home. The caring relationship between a caregiver and a elderly is vital for the total wellbeing of the elder. Elders require a caring relationship, which enables enhanced conscious awareness of life and health experiences. The nature of the relationship is to be able to relate to each other and be harmoniously attracted in having a meaningful and social relationship. Relatively healthy older people, particularly those in the 60 to 70 age range, are likely to need services similar to other adult health center populations. They may face challenges similar to their younger counterparts; language barriers, limited health literacy, or cultural factors may impact health care access. Yet for the older-old, these familiar challenges are compounded by additional barriers to optimal care and quality of life. The disabled of any age often need supportive services to remain as healthy as possible and in the community. As the population ages into the 75+ or 85+ categories, there is more likelihood for the presence of disability and the need for special services. Many more health programs are now beginning to serve disabled elders and even more programs are realizing that, given demographic changes, they must plan to provide services in the future that encompass not only the physical needs of vulnerable patients, but also the psychosocial needs that significantly impact health, health care access, and quality of life.

Initiative J

Vital Awareness Initiative
Thousands of measures are in use today to assess health and health care in the United States. Although many of these measures provide useful information, their sheer number, as well as their lack of focus, consistency, and organization, limits their overall effectiveness in improving performance of the health system.

Initiative K

Kemetic Yoga Initiative
Kemetic Yoga is unique in that it puts emphasis on alignment of the vertebral column of the spine. Many of the poses are triangular and mimic the geometrical configuration of the pyramid. Kemetic Yoga is about rejuvenation of the whole body and mind with its Spirit. Kemetic Yoga creates balance in the entire physical body such as outer muscles and flexibility. The most important key to Kemetic Yoga is control of Breath. The Breath is the Life Force or Shu. Shu (Breath) is the Primary Source of Energy and not from food as we think or once thought. Without Life Force being Divine Shu no one or no thing can live. Energy cannot be created or destroyed. Energy Just IS. In knowing Energy is Unrestricted and is to be Unrestricted, We have Kemetic Arts Mantra "Energy is Truly Everything. The Individual student will learn the key components of Kemetic Yoga Philosophy, Developing internal skills (balance) that can be used in everyday in all aspects of your life, Rule of Four Breathing, Geometric Progression as well as Alpha State Meditation techniques to assist in Wellbeing & Healing the Complete Self = Spiritual Physical Mental & Emotional. Alpha State emphasis is on breath & movement of your autonomic nervous system when it is activated places your mind & body into a flow state or peaceful state of mind throughput the entire Body & Mind.

Initiative L

Kemetic Children's Yoga Initiative
Children's Kemetic Yoga is unique in that it puts emphasis on alignment of the vertebral column of the spine. Many of the poses are triangular and mimic the geometrical configuration of the pyramid. Children's Yoga is about rejuvenation of the whole body and mind with its Spirit. Kemetic Yoga creates balance in the entire physical body such as outer muscles and flexibility. The most important key to Kemetic Yoga is control of Breath. Teaching our children how to control their breath in doing so they remain in control of their energy ( Life Force or Breath) at all times , creating peaceful outcomes/reactions to various situations they may encounter in public, school or playgrounds, etc. Kemetic Yoga for Children's teaches self discipline . self-care, self-love, self-respect. Kemetic Yoga for Children teaches them redirection of energy to tension in the body while strengthening and increasing flexibility without the need for hostility, or being angry to cause emotional imbalance to their autonomic nervous system by getting them off balance which also causes them to get out of line ( out of balance with breath) as in Fightor Flight situations.

Initiative M

Corporate Yoga Initiative
Corporate Yoga is about rejuvenation of the whole body and mind with its Spirit. Corporate Yoga creates balance in the entire physical body, outer muscles and flexibility. The most important key to Kemetic Yoga is control of Breath. Corporate Yoga is unique in that it helps us creates balance in those afternoon breaks periods in the middle of a busy work flow where sitting at desk or long periods of standing when we need it most. Deadlines and Pressure have causes us to not care about ourselves causing harm to our bodies affecting our circulation, decreasing oxygen, slumping, poor posture, decreasing strength in our spines, abdomens from siting that our Diaphragms are not getting proper oxygenation throughout our Internal Organs in the Body. Corporate Yoga teaches us self-care, self-love, & self respect is about being pro-ACTIVE in our own self-healing. Heal Thy Self = Healthy Self & to Heal Ourselves we must have Knowledge of Self First Spiritually, Physically, Mentally & Emotionally. We cannot effectively care for one aspect without caring for the other aspects of the Whole = Totality. Our Wealth is Our Health because without Good Health theirs no longevity, vitality or ability to work and be self sufficient. Self Perseveration! Ubuntu is an Ancient African word Nguni Language meaning "I am because you are", in Zulu it means that "a person is a person through other people."

Initiative N

Reiki Healing Sessions Initiative
REI (ray) means Universal Life Energy, Spiritual Consciousness All Knowing and KI (kee) means Breath, Life Force, Vital Radiant Energy. So Reiki is Universal Energy (Life Force), It is available to all for self healing and healing others once a person has being attuned to Reiki Energy by a Reiki Master. Benefits of Reiki promote deep relaxation, tension & pain relief, strengthens immune system helping alleviate some sicknesses & die-eases in the body, rejuvenates and balances the whole body, helps control weight, relieves symptoms of depression, helps fight drug & sexual addictions, helps concentration and focus, promotes mental clarity. restores peace of Mind, Body & Soul. Having Reiki sessions can align chakras (energy centers) in the body creating balance and centering within. Reiki is apart of our daily lives as Self Healers, whether we notice or not when we hit a toe on the footboard we immediately grab it without thinking and begin rubbing it, this is a form of reaction or self healing given to us from Mother Nature.

Initiative O

Kemetic Reiki Certifications Initiative
Reiki Certification Courses are designed for individuals seeking to become self healers in their family or community or for learning self healing techniques for healing themselves of sickness or die-eases and reducing stress. As We heal, I heal. Kemetic Arts Kemetic Reiki 1 Afrikan Origins of Reiki (Energy Ancient Healing Practices) History of Reiki Self-Healing techniques & hand positions, Sharing Reiki with others Attunement to Reiki & Preparation for Reiki II. Kemetic Arts Kemetic Reiki 2 Mantras & Symbols, Crystals Energy & commonly used Crystals. How to cleanse & care for your crystals. Chakra Therapy, Meditation & Breathing, Color therapy Sound therapy & Preparation for Reiki Master. Kemetic Arts Kemetic Reiki Master. Learn the Master Reiki Symbols, How to attune others. Innerstanding of Consciousness. of Cellular Energy. Instructing your Reiki Therapy Course & Group Reiki.

Initiative P

Holistic Health & Wellness Motivational Speaking Initiative
Patient versus Client Behavior Inviting patients to become clients of holistic health & wellness. As the speaker, the plan is to engage participants, infuse comparisons between the current health care regimes while exemplifying details for participants to effortlessly take charge of their own health care. Additionally, speaking to assist our neighbors in incorporating positive behavioral changes that will elevate conscious decision-making skills.

Initiative Q

Environmental Restoration Initiative:
Holistic Health & Wellness Approach. The environmental restoration for optimal holistic health & wellness workshops will acknowledge and introduce alternative solutions in nature using horticulture, aroma, sound and color therapies. We will pinpoint environmental culprits and work through feasible solutions using tangible household materials, oils, lighting to replicate nature indoors & maximize holistic healing.

Initiative R

Environmental Holistic Health & Wellness Workshops: Sickle Cell Initiative
Transform neighborhoods into communities by way of information, collaboration and education about environmental health for sickle cell patients/clients. We initiate that these workshops, motivational speaking engagements and informational outreach techniques are three effective ways that will identify community leaders, motivate community organizers and collaborate resources for diverse causes to address deficiencies in our environmental health awareness. We will work with individuals, persons, groups, teams and or organizations on how to maximize a healthy environment and other preventative health care measures that should be incorporated to maintain a healthy immune system, specifically focusing on Sickle Cell Dis-ease (SCD) & Sickle Cell Trait (SCT) carriers in the work place and at home.

Initiative S

Promoting School & Community Garden Initiative
Team members may help by sharing knowledge of possible grants for school and community gardens. Share knowledge of School & Community Garden Associations.
1. To increase/enhance interest in STEM among Black youth
2. To Increase fun physical activity that returns tangible benefits
3. To Increase healthy lifestyle choices in the Black communities.

Initiative T

Laughter for Wellness Initiative
The Laughter for Wellness Initiative teaches adults and children, of African Descent, to use laughter to improve mental, physical and spiritual wellness. It teaches them to use laughter as a way to manage stress and improve overall health. Monthly and Weekly classes, workshops and meetings are held in churches, schools, camps, offices, assisted living facilities and retirement homes across the nation (and internationally) to teach participants the health benefits of laughter, the importance of relaxation and techniques that can be used to stimulate laughter. Laughter For Wellness does not require a person to be funny or to even feel like laughing. It only requires a participant to have a willingness to laugh and a desire to feel better. The ultimate goal of the Laughter for Wellness Initiative is to teach participants to use laughter to manage stress, improve overall wellness and live a happier life.

Initiative U

Meditation & Mindfulness Initiative
The Meditation & Mindfulness Initiative teaches adults and children, of African Descent, to practice Meditation and Mindfulness for mental, physical and spiritual wellness. It teaches them to use meditation and mindfulness as a way to manage stress, create more meaningful encounters with others and improve overall health and well-being. Monthly and weekly classes, workshops and meetings are held in homes, churches, schools, camps, offices, hospitals, assisted living facilities and retirement centers across the nation (and internationally) to teach participants the health benefits of meditation and mindfulness as well as effective meditation and mindfulness techniques. The ultimate goal of the Meditation & Mindfulness Initiative is to teach its participants to practice meditation and use mindfulness, daily, to improve their lives.

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