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Black Wall Street District Implementation Initiative Info

Black Wall Street Districts are based on the spiritual blueprint of the original Black Wall Street Tulsa district. Black Wall Street districts are recognized as an urban area that is a thriving center of business, industry, and culture and is one commercial strip that has 50%-70% or more businesses owned by African Americans. This will enable local organizers and Black Wall Street district leaders to focus on what they are doing within Black Wall Street potential district. Leaders consider the people to be involved. District president's make sure the group is balanced and no special interests dominate.
Step One: The Right Spirit
Step Two: Recognizing a Black Wall Street District
Step Three: Measurable Objectives
Step Four: Evaluation
Step Five: Capacity Analysis
Step Six: Feasibility Study
Step Seven: Legislation
Step Eight: Black Wall Street Business Proposal

A Funding Source for Our Community 3UFirst Initiative

3ufirst initiative was created specifically to solve the major problems in the Black community. Focusing on, Job creation, Business and Investment opportunities, Donating 50% of net profits back into the community, Sponsoring, Building Wealth, and funding the best nonprofits across the country. Starting with an online shopping mall, we can bring millions back to our community, from the billions we spend every year, outside our community. Differences from other Black Malls 3ufirst sells Black products and mainstream products. This is where we are spending the majority of our money, so it makes sense to have options.

Black Wealth Consortium Initiative

The Black Wealth Consortium Group is an initiative to rid the African American communities of Poverty and Gentrification. The Black Wealth Consortium's purpose is to revitalize African American communities through Purpose Development, Financial Intelligence Education, Home Ownership, Real Estate Investing, and Entrepreneurship. Our mission is to provide education and assistance in creating family enterprises for African American families. Our vision is to build a community of 100,000 plus African American family enterprises by December 2025. We are currently 40 plus strong in 10 states.

Government Contracting Equity Initiative

Provide local sources for minority business owners to become educated and certified to do business with their local city, state and federal government. Facilitate opportunities to bid, partner and subcontract with other businesses in our districts for maximum exposure to be awarded long term contracts. Establish a process where awarded businesses have options to invest or fund other initiatives.

The municipalities must clearly define their program and create a clear policy. The state must determine where they want their supplier diversity program to focus: on businesses owned by women, specific racial and ethnic groups, people with disabilities, veterans, or small or disadvantaged businesses, for example. Then municipalities must create a supplier diversity policy statement that defines these groups so people know what to look for and how to evaluate various municipal agencies. The municipality policy should be part of their standard, non-negotiable operating procedure.

Municipalities must secure commitments from the top down that are key to supplier-diversity success and is unwavering in leadership commitment. Have the agency's head executive personally sign off on supplier-diversity goals and metrics; Audit their own state supplier-diversity numbers; Mandate that supplier-diversity metrics be included in every request for proposal (RFP). Black Wall Street USA believes that in order that municipalities strengthen their commitment to diversity, the elected officials must make sure that the head of the supplier diversity program is at the senior management level or above, and has control over state government purchasing. And we further recommend that this person has gone through the program and a person of color.

Make all agency executives accountable. Tie the attainment of supplier diversity goals to the compensation and performance plans of state higher-ups and senior management. We want the leaders to set individual goals that differ for each business system or unit based on size and then incent using performance bonuses against those supplier-diversity targets, which should be reported regularly at least quarterly. We request that the municipality give metrics proper visibility, create a scorecard that places appropriate weighting as it relates to diverse vendors so state decision makers can measure the benefits of selecting them.

Develop and identify opportunities for supplier diversity. We suggest that the government supplier diversity development should be formally integrated into its strategic sourcing process. For example, insert standard language into RFQs/RFIs/RFPs to make it easy to identify the categories of diversity suppliers. Set goals for the supplier selection process so diversity suppliers are included. Proactively develop diversity suppliers for underutilized product, service, and commodity areas. And ensures that the supplier screening process is transparent, fair and consistent?

Municipalities should leverage business networks like Black Wall Street USA to find new diverse suppliers. A common best practice is to create a comprehensive database of Black- owned businesses. But this requires a substantial amount of time and effort. Business networks like ours can help the state with this. For example, matching services such as ours make it much easier for buyers to find and evaluate non whiite suppliers. Even better, these suppliers are already set up to transact with the state through the network. Business networks can also provide a ready-made purchasing system that helps the state track supplier diversity performance and target specific contracts for additional focus, outreach, or consideration.

We strongly suggest that the governmental agencies and corporate America integrate supplier diversity throughout the state system. When supplier diversity is integrated into the strategic sourcing process, it makes it much more sustainable. US municipalities needs to consider implementing a champion program so they'll have enterprise-wide commodity champions with significant supplier-diversity commitments.

Agency heads can raise awareness, keep their finger on the pulse of opportunities, serve as liaisons with stakeholders, and assist with diverse spend targets. We further recommend that the municipality heads create a supplier diversity 101 program for all employees that will answer basic questions such as, What is the value of supplier diversity? What is the business case? And why is it important?

Black Wall Street USA recommends the establishment of a continuous improvement plan. There is always room for improvement and as the US municipality diversity supplier program grows, they will need to enhance processes so that demands continue to be met quickly and efficiently. For real and long term improvement we propose that municipalities conduct independent internal annual audits to verify if current activities and results align with the states plans and expectations, as well as changing regulations.

In California they run surveys with key internal stakeholders to see if its current program is meeting and exceeding their expectations. Others can also create a process to facilitate ongoing communication between other agencies and SBEs and other black and minority groups. And participate in benchmarking with other corporations and entities to identify best practices.

Homes and Heritage Initiative

The Homes And Heritage Initiative is design to Help build wealth in the Black Family bye Building security in our community through home ownership. Our desire is to help 100 family secure homes within the black community and therefore strengthening our political power within our own communities and wealth in our own families creating a Heritage of a healthy and thriving community.

Little Africa Food Cooperative Initiative

The Institution of Financial Unity in collaboration with the Little Africa Food Cooperative shares the vision to build a franchise with a presence in most major cities in the United States in culturally specific communities starting in Cleveland, Ohio that provide basic food, personal and household needs within the next 20 years. Our mission is to provide an inexpensive healthy food source forimpoverished, urban communities. We strive to create anfinancial, social, and cultural independence because "you are whatyou eat". We will be owned and managed by the members of the cooperative working with local, national and international farmers to obtain healthy and quality foods.

P.O.P. Movement Initiative

Has developed a Network Business Alliance Umbrella that seeks to help all families. Its network of business partners have developed a new eco-system that provide a pathway out of poverty for millions. This support alliance umbrella serves to increase the total strength of our collective strength to: Create jobs, improve education, create more businesses opportunities, rebuild and restore impoverished communities.

Maximize the ability to grow wealth, develop programs that enhance health and develop programs that enhance health protection for millions of Americans lacking skills. This national initiative covers broad education for the segment with disabilities or criminal backgrounds, including felonies. The ultimate goal is to create a minimum of 1 million jobs within the next 2 years.

SBO - Initiative Info

SBO business marketplace is not just for Business owners. We want to every Black person who owns a business, service, organization, or talent in Black Wall Street USA to list it here on SBO. If you are an actor, we want you to list. If you are an artist, author, etc. we want you to list. If you have a book club or motorcycle club we want you to list. So let the world know about your talent or organization by using our platform. Economics - SBO is the most popular and affordable directory on the market. We give you more "Free" features than any other directory in the market. Our paid feature cost only a fraction of what other directories charge. Smart business owners take advantage of every opportunity to increase sales with minimum customer acquisition costs. The Official Black Business Directory for Black Wall Street USA.

THAT Prepaid MasterCard Debit Card Initiative

Go to THAT Prepaid MasterCard check out fees, and how the program works watch the 1 minute 12 second video as many times as you like; then signup to Get A Card use the promo code of the person who gave you this information! In Keeping with the original Black Wall Street spirit, when we use THAT Card we will create a Tsunami of cash flowing back into those communities!










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