Virtual Magazine Directory Initiative


Similar to black enterprise only, it's an interactive turn page magazine which consists of video , audio, a montage of images, links, live video advertising and more. Only we create one for BWSUSA.

Live stories of family, education, finance, bloggers, sports, entertainment, youth programs and businesses to advertise themselves. The more stories, the more eyes and the bigger the advertisement.

Our initiative is to partner with participating educational institutions, HBCU'S, those seeking fundraising opportunities for their schools and unlimited jobs for the students. Each school can have their own magazine and students seek advertising from local businesses.

Residual earnings for each student who gets advertising and the school supports those businesses that are listed in the magazine. As well as Alumni shared interest between teams and each participating school.

Our fellow team members can assist by connecting with their alumni and sharing how it works. This is new technology in a virtual world that can work under one organization such as BWSUSA. Once the word gets out that BWSUSA is technology based, providing jobs and funding HBCU'S, we began to control our own advertising and entity with no reliance on the current system.


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