Nubian Zoom Initiative


The Nubian Zoom is a video conferencing platform for public and private meetings, conferencing, educational institutions, religious organization, corporations, training via webcam or phone hosted by Our Initiative is to provide a platform where there is zero access to listen to thepivacy of meetings and conversations. As well as a platform for those who desire to support Nubian American products.

We believe that if Nubians alone was to transition from the current Chinese zoom to a platform built for Nubians, this would generate enough resources for BWSUSA to rebuild Communities Internationally starting with BWSUSAEDC.

Our fellow team members can assist by becoming a member as well as sharing the initiative. Word of mouth will always be the best form of advertising.

Our objective is to partner with BWSUSA with shared interest, creating a domain name associated with BWSUSA and brand to those who desire to support African American products to assist in achieving BWSUSA initiatives. We believe that Sovereignty is our only option but can't happen unless we can compete via technology and ownership of virtual platforms and educating the Nubians under BWSUSA is the only way.

We have over 100 million SMS and and over 15 million Emails and a new eblasting SMS system that can send out 10k or more SMS daily via mobile or WhatsApp. Unlimited.


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