Fortune 500 Fund Initiative


Many schools and businesses across the United States (and worldwide) are suffering. Quite a few fortune 500 companies (including the NFL, Nike, Apple, etc.) have made hefty promises to support black and minority owned businesses.

By creating a fund that is seeded by grants from these fortune 500 companies, we can use those funds to invigorate businesses that have at least 51% active Black Wall Street USA membership by paying for their products, goods and services to service schools and businesses located in opportunity zones throughout the US and worldwide.

This initiative would not only invigorate businesses that understand the spirit of Black Wall Street USA, but also invigorate these opportunity zones.

The relationships built through our active membership would be instrumental in getting to the decision makers for these major corporations' grant funding. We would need to build a network of funders, database of active BWS businesses, and a database of schools and businesses located in these opportunity zones.

Objetves and Goals

Build a nework of funders;

Identify active Black Wall Street USA membership businesses Local schools and businesses in opportunity zones;

Create an appiiation and workflow for seeding these businessees that are supporing opportunity zones in the USA.

Replicate the process worldwide.


Becoming A Supporting Member Advances this Initiative






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