Third Ward Houston Educational Enhancement Initiative


This initiative focuses on improving student and school improvements in Third Ward Houston. At this time, the four HISD public schools in Third Ward are in or near Improvement Required (IR) status, making them vulnerable to closure, take-over, or restarting. Black Wall Street Houston would join other organizations working on:

(1) The 3rd Ward Mentoring and Tutoring Initiative (Every Student Mentoring Program-ESMP);

(2) Parent and Community Engagement;

(3) Community Schools and International Baccalaureate Initiatives.

To date, the Hermann Park Rotary Club (HPRC) has developed contacts with supporters on the HISD school board and in the City of Houston's Mayor's Office to establish an ESMP Task Force, engaging representatives from the four participating schools, along with representatives from Texas Southern University, the University of Houston and Houston Community College.

Black Wall Street USA might take a leadership role in establishing a community advisory board to support the schools and coordinate the array of volunteers and new professionals assigned to improve student outcomes. By working with the District, the City, the business community, and the non-profit sectors, Third Ward schools can be returned to productive institutions where all students achieve success consistent with their interest and God-given talents.


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