Reunification of the Afrikan/Afrikan American Family Training Initiative


Bridging the Gap


The purpose of the Reunification of the Afrikan/Afrikan American Family Training Initiative (RAAAFTI) is to create, develop, implement, monitor and evaluate the RAAAFTI to bridge the gap between Afrikan Americans stateside, Afrikans on the continent and Pan Afrikan globally. The RAAAFTI will be used as a model to restore the family unit locally, nationally and internationally.


Training skills will include Cognitive Intervention, Cognitive Empowerment, Thinking for A Change, Parenting Effectiveness Training, Youth Empowerment, Atonement, Decision Making and Problem Solving Skills, Communication and Dialogue, Life Skills Training. Ancient Afrikan History and Why Were Afrikans Involved in the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade.


Restoring the family unit is essential to our healing as individuals, families and as a global people. The major goals are to understand the impact slavery had on families, learn how to control our own destiny and leave a legacy for future generations.


The details of the RAAAFTI will include the Reunification of the Afrikan/Afrikan American Family Training Initiative Business Plan, Training Manual, Performance Objections, Strategic and Tactical Plans, Short Term, Long Term Goals and a Marketing Plan.


Afrikan Council team members or any other Black Wall Street USA member can submit an interest form indicating their area on interest and expertise.


If any Black Wall Street USA member would like to become a certified RAAAFTI trainer to assist in implementing the initiative they should submit a resume that will become a part of the business plan.



Becoming A Supporting Member Advances this Initiative






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