Legacy Ladder Initiative


Bringing Communities Together

The legacy ladder initiative is rooted in bringing communities together in an effort to guide students on major life transitions. The idea is to train students as mentors, as they are mentored by students, or community leaders; targeting struggling students as mentees, and top students as mentors. In this initiative, students will be mentored by students two years older through elementary, middle high school (11th/12th mentors college students) and college (mentors being professionals).

Students will meet with their mentors 2-3 times a week. Fellow members can assist in implementing this initiative by connecting with local schools, colleges students, and community professionals to be apart of this initiative.

The objective of this initiative is to connect struggling students with students and professionals who are leaders, in an effort to guide students in a new direction. Project goals are to connect about this initiative with community leaders, college students, in addition to, one elementary, middle, and high school that all align with the school students will attend throughout their grade school years.


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