Establishing Solid Black Owned Businesses by Building Initiative


Provide over 6500 new jobs

This initiative will enable business owners to build their businesses credit by using the EIN number and not the owner's social security number as the means to build credit for the business. It has long been established that a solid business has it's own credit and is able to stand on it's own by having the ability to secure credit and borrow money for inventory, payroll, supplies, etc.

Businesses officers should not have to provide a personal guarantee in most cases. It is necessary for black business owners to tap into the credit and capital available to non-minority business owners in order to succeed and thrive. In this initiative, we seek to assist 500 newly and established businesses by the year 2020; this will provide black business owners the ability to provide over 6500 new jobs and assist in the goal of achieving $100,000,000 in buying power to build black owned businesses in multiple cities and states.

This initiative will focus on black owned businesses located in the Dallas area and will encourage those businesses to conduct business at the local, state, national, and International levels by networking with business owners in the black community and those who are members of Black Wall Street USA. Businesses who are not members of BWSUSA will be encouraged to join in order to further the initiatives.


Becoming A Supporting Member Advances this Initiative






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