Step Five:

Capacity Analysis

- Organization name (EXAMPLE: Bronzeville 47th Street Black Wall Street District)

- Mailing address

- Phone, Fax, Website

- Contact person

- Chairman

List the streets that comprise the boundary area:

- North, South, East, West


Provide any challenges the area has experienced and how they were remedied. Provide brief overview of the area:

- Landmarks

- History of area

- Prominent leaders

Describe how developing a Black Wall Street district in the area will benefit black businesses and provide examples. List the organizations services currently being provided in other Black Wall Street districts, i.e., Stony Island, Bronzeville. Also, give an example of what the management of the district will be. Be prepared to give a reason why this area makes sense for it to become a Black Wall Street district.

List Political Leaders:

- City Coucilman/Alderman - District/Ward and Status of support for district

- State Rep - District and Status of support for district

- State Senator - District and Status of support for district

Provide any additional comments as to why the potential district is prominent.

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