Sen. Trotter Issues Proclamation for Black Wall Street District Chicago


Friday, October 2, 2009 14:44:54 PST

CHICAGO - Honorable State Senator Donne Trotter of Illinois issued a proclamation recognizing the Black Wall Street District in Chicago.

The proclamation says in part:

"WHEREAS, 75th East of the Dan Ryan is being recognized as the Black Wall Street of Chicago. WHEREAS, 75th East of the Dan Ryan is experiencing an revitalization of Black owned businesses dedicated to creating jobs, providing quality products and services to the community; and

WHEREAS, 75th East of the Dan Ryan will follow in the steps of the original "Black Wall Street District" in Tulsa, Oklahoma and the Black Wall Street District of Oakland in helping to develop economic empowerment on the Southside of Chicago, continue reading the official Senator Trotter Proclamation for Black Wall Street District Chicago (PDF).

Michael Carter, Sr., the national chairman of Black Wall Street USA says this is a welcomed recognition of the labor and energy of Ron Carter (no relations) and the Chicago team.

Carter, Sr. said, "This is not about black folks living today this is for future generations...people we will never meet, while paying spiritual homage to those we never met." He said "It's time we move from the mid-bar (the wilderness) and possess the land flowing with milk and honey."

Senator Donne Trotter Proclamation
for Black Wall Street District Chicago

Of the 75 businesses on 75th street's run through the 6th Ward, 63 are Black-owned. Lem's, which migrated from 59th street nearly 40 years ago, is one of the oldest tenants on the strip. "When we came, this was a good spot to be in between the traffic," said Lynn Walker, manager of the 54-year-old establishment.

"There are plans for expansion of Black Wall Street Districts in other US cities." said Carter, Sr..

According to a National Black Wall Street Merchants Association, spokesperson. "We are looking at Portland, Oregon, Jackson Ward in Virginia, Duraham North Carolina, and Auburn Avenue in Atlanta." BWSD Rep said "we have individual members all over the world."

Black Wall Street Minnesota ( was added in 2008.

Carter, Sr. said, "This story of Tulsa (1830 to 1921) is intriguing and exciting mainly because it was intentionally kept out of the history books and aggregate of courses of Black study given in a school, college, universities world wide."

Black Wall Street USA, headquarters are in Oakland. BWSD USA is a national organization that represents Black Wall Street District communities throughout the United States.

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