Volume 2, Issue 34
A Positive, Informative and Credible Publication
June 28 - July 4, 2006
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OBBTC and BWSMA Voter Registration Drive

OAKLAND-- The Oakland Black Board of Trade and Commerce and the Oakland Unified School District in association with Sequoia Voting Systems Inc., and the Black Wall Street Merchants Association (www. blackwallstreet.org) is presenting a "Register to Vote" Class of 2006 Graduation Celebration.

The purpose of this event is three fold. First, it is designed to register all eligible OUSD 2006 graduates to participate in the November general election. Second, the event is designed to provide these first time voters with hands on experience in how to use the new touch screen voting machines. Finally, it is designed to provide an alcohol and Drug free entertainment venue to celebrate their evolution into a new chapter in their lives and encourage them to seek higher education.

This is the first in a series of Bay Area events that OBBT&C intends to expand to other areas of the East Bay. While we recognize that High School graduates need to understand how to participate in the democratic process, we also recognize that they need guidance in exercising their civic duty to vote.

According to the OUSD officials there are approximately 1100 students who are eligible to vote and area graduating in the June 2006 class. These students come from the following High Schools: (1) Fremont High (2) Skyline High (3) McClymonds High (4) Oakland Technical High (5) Castlemont High and (6) Oakland High.

OBBT&C will provide the students with copies of Terri McMillan's book Twelve Steps to Success which outlines positive behavior activities for students who graduate from High School. This book provides the students with a practical step-by-step analysis designed to enhance their experience and offers tips toward advancement in higher education and well as offers tips on entering the labor market. The 2006 OUSD Grad Night will be held at Nellie's Restaurant in West Oakland. On Friday June 30, 2006 from 3:30 pm until 5: 30 pm. The grad night celebration will be held at a special location that will be provided to the students once they have completed the voter registration form. Only 2006 graduates will be permitted to participate. It is anticipated that all 600 of the 1100 eligible students will attend the event only those who have met the graduation eligibility requirements will be permitted to participate.

Students will be required to complete a voter registration form for voting in Alameda County. Sequoia Voting Systems Inc then will give them a hands on demonstration on how to use the new touch screen voting machines. After that the students will be given financial literacy information by Wells Fargo Bank and they will be introduced to representatives from the University of California and the Peralta Community College District to learn of higher educational opportunities.

The project is sponsored by the following organizations:

Bay Area Beverages Company
Black Wall Street Merchants Association
Hon. Keith Carson Alameda County Board of Supervisors
Horizon Beverages
Oakland Black Board of Trade and Commerce
Oakland Unified School District
Peralta Community College District
Sequoia Voting Systems Inc
The Fisher Foundation
University of California
Wells Fargo Bank

Tickets for this event will be sold by ticket master and the price is $20 per Person. Tickets will also be sold through ticket tron. All Students will be required to show their school identification cards upon entry. The venue will have quality musical entertainment and light hors d'oeuvres.

We will contribute one (1) $1,000 scholarship to a student at the event. (This Will be done through a raffle) and also one $500 scholarship to a student at the event. After all expenses have been covered we will make one $1,000 scholarship to each of the participating schools to be used by the 2007 graduating class to assist them in the upcoming years activities. Security will be provided by OUSD and the Fisher Foundation.


Ed Dillard
510 706 9005


Black Wall Street Merchants Association
The Black Wall Street Merchants Association is a not-for profit enterprise that serves as an advocate for commerce in the African American community, that promotes ethics, and that seeks to preserve the economic growth, social and cultural vitality of the community. Since its founding in 1999, it has served as an effective business and social networking organization. It seeks to establish and maintain good working relations with African American, Churches, organizations and businesses from 50th Avenue to 109th Avenue Bound by International Boulevard In Oakland.

The BWS Merchants Association's Work Plan is based on service and advocacy. Ensure member's investment is returned in direct services that promote, market, and support the districts and individual businesses. Advocate effectively for the implementation of the policies essential to the continued revitalization. Press & Media Team bwsd@blackwallstreet.org, www. blackwallstreet.org

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