Black Wall Street USA National Aides

Min. Dr. Michael Carter, Sr., Th.D
Founder & President
Chairman of the Board
Black Wall Street USA

General Counsel
Black Wall Street Global


Dr. Rachel Johnson
Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Johnson can described as the establisher of spiritual order and despenser of anointed re-order when required. Only call this woman of God when you are ready to put down worldy game play and pick up divine Kingdom Building.


Mark S. Allen
Chief of Staff
A Veteran civil rights activist, fighter and community builder in Chicago for 40 years. Singlehandedly saved the national organization in the Midwestern region with solid leadership and spiritual principles. Mr. Allen has been Dr. Carter's COS for 7 years.


Cher'ie Walker
Sr. National Aide
Both a veteran of the US military and local law enforcement. Ms. Walker develops and maintain project partnerships with global and National progressive organizations on behalf of Black Wall Street USA. Ms. Walkers devotion and dedication to our people through team building and logistics are key to the progression of the Movement for the Next 300 Years.


Min. Desmond Williams
Jr. National Aide
Min. Williams serves as religious liasion and spokesman within the ecumenical community.


Gen. Wolverine Shakur
National Security Advisor
Black Wall Street USA National Security Council
General TACO is the Watchman for our people. An unspecified number of an extraordinary group of Alkebulan souls are standing at attention and at the ready to defend the masses of our people. The General advises our leader on the execution and processes of the King Alfred Plan. This Watchman is sounding the trumpet.


Dr. Carter's Itinerary

August 2017
Baton Rouge
New Orleans

September 2017
Washington DC
New Jersey
Little Rock


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