Black Wall Street USA Member Book of 2016

Support our Black Wall Street USA Member and get your copy today. Dr. Paul T. Winfield is a strategist, scholar, entrepreneur, world explorer, truth student, change agent and Black Wall Street USA global member. He has worked, studied or lived on six continents in 10 nations, and travelled through over 50 countries. A portfolio manager for 15 years experience, Paul has served a variety of agencies to promote individual and cooperative development.

Dr. Winfield lives excellence by encouraging the very best in others. With a gentle spirit, sharp mind, & passion for helping those in need, Dr. Winfield combines the benefits of strategic planning and critical thinking to overcome systemic challenges. Currently, Paul is living freedom in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

This step came after a few days of planning, too much passion, a bit of luck and a leap of faith. "When, my lease was up, I sold everything I didn't need on the beach, took the money, and got on the plane. I never looked back." This course takes an intellectual approach to understanding the system of American racism and the promotion of transformational strategies.

The Authors Father WT Winfield is providing complementary copies of Living Freedom: A Paradigm Shifter's Guide to Ending African American Genocide to 100 random Black Wall Street USA members this month.


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