Joaquina Spikes-Winslow
Ms. Spikes-Winslow serves as Black Wall Street Louisiana Executive Director and has 12 years of experience in the grant writing world.


Grant Writing Course

The Black Wall Street USA South Region will be hosting a series of fee-based grant writing course in

Houston, TX on December 10th
Dallas, TX on December 15th & 16th.

The course fee is $150 per person. Which includes a required Black Wall Street USA national Memebrship.

Instructional Methodology:

The class will meet as a single group for two days. This class is a combination of lecture and active discussions on various topics of grant writing. In-depth and timely instructor feedback on the various writing assignments of the course engineered towards the development of a completed grant proposal will be provided. Students will also be encouraged to meet individually with the instructor to provide in-depth critical input for all steps in the grant writing process.




How and where to look for potential funders who are a good match for your organization. How to network and develop true partnerships with a variety of funders. How to organize a successful grant writing campaign. How to put together a complete proposal package.




Our grant writing course allows you to enroll for the mid-December schedule and a new session opens each month in the Black Wall Street USA South Region.

Once a session starts lessons are released and students will have access to all resources and lessons until the course ends.

The course will run for two days; students are encouraged to complete each lesson within the two days of its release.

You must also complete any remaining lessons during this time.




You will gain a new understanding of the grant writing process and procedure.

You will be able to research, plan, and write grants for any organization.

You’ll be positioned to continue your efforts and development in grant writing.



Grant Writing Course Registration Fee
$150.00 per person


Houston, TX
December 10th
Dallas, TX
December 15th
Dallas, TX
December 16th




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