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National Conference Call Saturday, November 17, 2018 @ 12 noon EST
Host: MIchelle Lilly-Hester, BWS Texas Advisory

What is Cryptocurrency?

Crypto Currency Conference Call on November 17, 2018

Crypto currency has now become one of the most crucial digital terms.

It won't be wrong to state that all the financial institutes such as banks, central authorities, and accounting firms have conducted an extensive research on the working Cryptocurrency and how it aims to provide benefits to the parties involved in the money transaction process.

You must be thinking that what is Cryptocurrency and why financial institutes are so concerned about its working?

What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a virtually encrypted currency which is backed by the security of cryptography.

The basic purpose of Cryptocurrency is to facilitate the easy transaction of money from one party to another and to keep a keen eye on the generation of currency units.

Cryptocurrency is one of those financial terms which aims to reduce the involvement of financial institutes in the transaction process.

You all must be aware of the fact that banks and financial intermediaries charge a huge amount of money before conducting any sort of monetary transaction. Cryptocurrency was introduced to solve the very similar problem.

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