Black Wall Street USA
Holistic & Wellness Council

Theophilus Biggers (TX)
Council Director

Dr. Robby Simpson (AZ)
Vice Council Director

Dr. Jeffrey Hubbard (TX)
National Health Officer

Vice NHO

Kneesha Neal (TX)
Director of Planning

Darciea Houston (TX)
Director of Operations

Laticia Davis (IL)
Council Administrator

Terry Thompson (TX)
Assistant Administrator

Kimberly Alfred (LA)
Council Member

Rudy Alfred, Jr. (LA)
Council Member

John E. Banks-Morgan (CA)
Council Member

Cassandra Fontes (MA)
Council Member

Lyn Hakeem (LA)
Council Member

Keva Mack(TX)
Council Member

Elizabeth Ofili (TX)
Council Member

Marcus Washington (LA)
Council Member

Lukisha Williams (TX)
Council Member

BWSUSA Holistic & Wellness Council

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