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Mission of the BWSUSAEDC

BWSUSA Economic Development Council implements, and evaluates programs to improve education, health, and economic opportunity worldwide.

The BWSUSAEDC is an independent council of Black Wall Street USA a nonprofit organization governed by a volunteer board of directors, comprised of community business members and elected officials. Our organization represents the communities established as global, regional, state and districts. Operating funds are provided by grants from businesses, local government, and individuals, who are united in their support of the future economic strength and diversity of the black community.

Focus Areas

Economic Development focus areas include:

Retention/Expansion of Existing Companies

Attraction of Targeted Companies

Entrepreneurial Job Development

Agricultural Development

Work Force Enhancement


The Focus of the BWSUSAEDC is to strengthen economic base and increase the standard of living for all of its district residents through the retention, expansion, attraction, and development of primary jobs and capital investments. This vision includes the promotion of workforce enhancement, agriculture advancement, and other business development that provides economic diversification and stabilization in the spirit of Black Wall Street Tulsa.




BWSUSA Economic Development Council

BWSUSAEDC   About   Initiatives   Mission   Programs   Training


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