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1 Million New Jobs & 200k New Entrepreneurs by 2022

BWSUSAEDC INITIATIVE 1,000,000 jobs and 200,000 entrepreneurs by year end 2022

We would like to take this time out to invite our Black Wall Street USA family to support me as I take on the position as President of a Massive Grass Root Job Creation Campaign.

I am asking for all the Black Wall Street USA State Directors, Black Wall Street USA District leaders and national members to be in attendance with Black Wall Street Mississippi on December 6- 8 2018 in our state capitol of Jackson.

We would also like to request that all Black Wall Street USA members located within a 200 Mile radius to please join us on December 7th as I make my President Welcoming speech to kick off this awesome campaign for the next 4 years 2018-2022.

This campaign initiative has been design to create a minimum of 1,000,000 jobs and 200,000 entrepreneurs by year end 2022 and we need your support to make this happen.

These jobs will be for all individuals regardless of their personal backgrounds. We will also have an in house financing program available to fund our new business owners so that they won't have to worry about getting funded or being turned down.

This is a privately held business and organization and we make the rules so that we can eliminate the fear factor in individuals moving forward in helping to move people from poverty in creating jobs and new business infrastructure in at risk communities across the country.

We did it once and we can do it again but much bigger and better. We are looking forward to our National President, Dr. Michael Carter, Sr to be in attendance with us. Dr. Carter will offer his support and gratitude for this long time journey and efforts that have been invested into this mission of creating jobs for the least of these. Black Wall Street Mississippi is ground zero and the starting point.

Dr. Marrin Luther King, Jr. once said that "a man without a job or an income has neither life nor liberty and the possibility for the pursuit of happiness, he merrily exists." Many of our people/Americans are merrily existing.

This will be History in the Making again. We need as many of our members there in Jackson as possible. Schedule of events, hotels etc will be posted in the next couple of weeks. Please visit our website so that can learn more about our movement and campaign structure.

Campaign Members needed.

We need representation in every state to spearhead this movement. Its our Time so lets go get it and Save our Children.

Please consider the Black Wall Street Tulsa Oklahoma commemorative book that can be used as a fundraiser project for Black Wall Street district and state teams to have the funds necessary to support this initiative. This product can be personalized with your information in it. The cost will be for members $35.00 personalized and $25.00 non personalized. A portion of the sales will go back to your District.

We have much more products to choose from. All products are hand made through our training academy that connected to the campaign for on the job training.

Please visit the initiative website at to learn more about movement and campaign and contact my office to discus plans on how you can help to make this event a major success.

Ethel Cain Russell
National Director
Black Wall Street USA Economic Development Council


BWSUSA Economic Development Council

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