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National Conference Call Saturday, June 16th at 12 noon EST
Host: Casuel Pitts, BWSUSA National Member

Building Your Credit

Give your credit both power and might.

Call in on Saturday, June 16th at 12 noon EST as Casuel Pitts of Ultimate Discount Services and active Black Wall Street USA National Member teaches us on how to give our credit power and strength. It's one thing to have good credit but it is another thing to give your credit power.

You don't want to miss out on the details of this awesome program.

Black Wall Street USA members will receive knowledge on how to receive discounts nationwide while building your credit, deep discounts, world change, business opportunities and financial literacy.

Again this conference call takes place on Saturday, June 16th at 12 noon EST. The secure conference call phone number and code will be sent to you via email one hour before the conference call.

An Active Black Wall Street USA Membership is required to participate in the conference call.


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