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African American Genealogy 1850 - 1880
African American Voters in Alexandria, 1902-1954
African Americans in Missouri
Afro-Louisiana History and Genealogy 1719-1820
alabama-Slaves Mailing List
Memories of Arkansas Slavery
Black Studies National Archives microfilm
Born in Slavery: Federal Writers' Project, 1936-1938
Carpenter Genealogical Services
Afro-Louisiana History and Genealogy, 1699-1860
Early African American Settlers
Federal Records and African-American History
Finding Your Slave Ancestors
Freedom Suits
From Slavery to Freedom: The African-American Pamphlet Collection, 1824-1909
Fugitive Slave Records: 1820 - 1839
Heritage Quest Generations Archives: African-Americans in the 1870 U.S.
Heritage Quest: African-American Heritage Kit
History of African-American Cemeteries
Homeless, Friendless, and Penniless: The WPA Interviews with Former Slaves Living in Indiana
Illinois Database of Servitude and Emancipation Records 1722-1863
In Search of York: The Slave Who Went to the Pacific With Lewis and Clark
Institutions of Memory and the Documentation of African Americans in Federal Records
Map Showing the Distribution of Slaves in the Southern States
National Underground Railroad Freedom Center
"No Land...Only Slaves!"
Obituaries from the Michigan Chronicle
Out of the Mouths of Slaves
Records of the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters
Records of the Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands
Register of Free Negroes and Mulattoes in The Corporation of Staunton
Register of Negroes and Mulattoes 1853-1860
Searching For Moses: Finding An EnSlaved Ancestor Without Oral History
Slave Ancestry Research, It's Something Else
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Slave Children of Thomas Jefferson
Slave Data Collection
Slave Entries in Wills, Deeds, Etc.
Slave Names
Slave Narratives
Slave Records 1803-1820
Slavery Era Insurance Registry
Slaves and Nonwhite Free Persons in the 1790 Federal Census of New York
Slaves in the Family
St. Louis Circuit Court Historical Records Project
The Lynching Century
The Museum of African Slavery
The Slave Ship Fredensborg
The Trade Triangle
The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade - A Database on CD-ROM
Third Person, First Person: Slave Voices from the Special Collections Library
Transatlantic Slavery - Against Human Dignity
Virginia Runaways
Wallace Roll
William Still Underground Railroad Foundation, Inc.
Willing Slaves

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